Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gift #4

I saw these I Spy bags on Sew, Mama, Sew's Scrapbuster month and had to try them for myself. I went back to see how it was done, but the tutorial was taken off for some reason. I just tried to make it from what I saw the first time and turns out they are pretty easy and quick to make.

I wanted to make my niece and nephew animal bags, so I drew them right on the fabric and cut two layers of each out. Then I cut a window out of one layer of each and fit a piece of thick, clear plastic in and stitched it on. I added eyes, nose, etc to the front layer then I stitched the two layers together leaving a 2 inch opening in the bottom to add the filler. I added tiny star pasta, buttons, numbers, and different little charms that were half off at Hobby Lobby. Sorry these pictures are so bad. I promise they look better in person.


  1. krhea, I really like these. I've seen things like this and always thought they would be fun to make and so fun for the little hands that play with them. Nice work! Someday when I get out from under my pile of Christmas crafts, I'll try these.

  2. These are sooo great! I looove the whale! my favorite! I am going to steel this idea from you, I'm pretty sure.