Sunday, February 28, 2010

Everything Tote

Heather Ross

I ADORE Heather Ross - her fabric, her tan, and her book:


There are so many practical, cute, and unintimidating patterns and projects in this book. I think it is a book that I can really see myself using every pattern that is in it. I have already made some good headway - my most recent project: the Everything Tote:

I should have taken a picture holding it so you can see how big this thing is. It is HUGE. But it is also unintruding. I thought at first it would just be used as a weekend bag, but the way it slouches as you wear it make the size hardly noticeable. It is so lightweight and easy to carry, while it carries everything :)

I made one for my sister as well that I made into a diaper bag. I added a lot more pockets and made them deeper. I also added a key ring. It was really cute, but I sent it home with her without taking pictures for you to see.


  1. I like that it isn't flimsy like a lot of big, slouch bags. Do you think it would hold its shape if you hadn't used that stiff canvas fabric for the outside?

  2. I doubt that it would stay very stiff if I used regular weight cotton fabric. I that a home decor or heavier weight is ideal for the outer bag.