Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old Pattern, New Skirt

I have really gotten a lot of use out of this skirt pattern. The first skirt I made from it turned out really well and it was a great use for the Kaffe Fassett material I bought at the Houston Quilt Show. The next skirt I made was also a great way to utilize some beautiful material, but I had a few issues with that darn invisible zipper. After a bit of a struggle and some not very nice words on my part we are friends now.

Last week I found this material particularly striking at Sew Crafty and purchased a nice little bundle, brought
it home, and for the third time pulled out this reliable pattern. I finished this skirt in no time. It is probably my best invisible zipper, thanks to this VERY detailed tutorial.

But then I was unsure about that ruffle on the bottom. Is that too childish? I go back and forth about it. I can't decide if I should loose the bottom trim and ruffle altogether or just leave it. Your thoughts? I get caught up with how fun it is to make this skirt and add things like ruffles and forget about what is "cool." :)

Anyway, I think this pattern is TOTALLY worth the $11. It is a great basic skirt pattern to go off of and make so many different variations with. Let your creative curiosities loose and make a skirt for yourself! I am already planning my next one!


  1. p. s. not sure why it underlined part of the post . . . blogger must have thought the second half was particularly important.

  2. I love the ruffle. Keep it.

    Nice skirt. I am so intimidated by patterns, but I really want to make my own skirts. Maybe I should try this pattern...

  3. I second that. Keep the ruffle. It looks good!

  4. OK - two votes say yes - so I'm going to keep the ruffle.

    YES - this is a great pattern! You won't be disappointed with it!