Tuesday, January 18, 2011

100% Italian Cotton Boxer Shorts

I am the lucky beneficiary of these beautiful fabrics.

I have a friend who works at a factory where they make dress shirts out of the finest fabrics from Italy. They are custom made and cost $200 a pop. The leftovers are usually sent to the garbage can but Jessi has been taking them home & sometimes gives them to me. They are generally small pieces, about 1/2 a yard or so. Very rarely I will get over 2 yards in one cut. This makes me really happy. And I have even more than are pictured here.

I love how they come in these perfect bundles in an array of colors!

I do have a problem knowing exactly what to do with them all. I donated a lot to making aprons and bonnets for the upcoming Trek trip for the youth. But, Adam and I have been walking around in some pretty savvy underwear! Boxers!

This is a pair I made for myself. I had a lot of fun picking neon thread and purple fabric for the tie.
These are some really comfortable threads. Any ideas on what else I can make with these???

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  1. Wow those are beautiful!! If you did have more you could do some sort of shirt for yourself. Or there is always little kids clothes- a cute vest or a skirt for your nieces and nephews?

  2. Ideas? Shoot. That's a ton of fabric! I still can't get over this. Love the boxers you made. What about a modern patchwork summer blanket for your bed? Something simple and light. I'm sure you'll come up with wonderful things out of that stash.