Friday, July 9, 2010

Amy Butler: Kimono Style Robe

Ok - let me start out by telling you how much I love this robe. The fabric is wonderful. It is not too thin or too thick and it feels great! I bought it from a website that was liquidating their stores, so I got the fabric and the ribbon for just a few bucks. This was a relatively easy project (it took me longer to make the infant fat quarter dress than this). I love wearing robes. I have thick soft ones and a nice thick towel one. They are great especially in cold weather. But when it is hot, or when traveling I wanted to have a nice lightweight robe that would be easy to pack. This pattern is perfect. I made it a size too big because I love having a roomy robe. Makes it all the more cozy! :) I think I will embroider an initial or something on it. It took 3 yards of fabric and that is all you need. I embellished it with the ribbon at the bottom, which is the nice thing about this robe, you can really have fun with it if you want - or just be sort of boring like me and not go outside of the patterns instructions. Pattern is found in her In Stitches book.
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