Monday, November 2, 2009


I guess I'll be the first to post pictures of this years Halloween costumes. I want to see what all of you did also! I usually don't go all out with my costume, but since I had a party to go to that required them, I had some fun with it.

We went as an old timey cop and robber. I'm really bad at taking pictures showing how I made things, so I just have pictures of the finished product and I'll have to tell you how i did it. This was a surprisingly inexpensive couples costume. My husband used his navy blue suit and we pinned the collar up (you can kind of tell if you look closely). The baton is unfinished wood sprayed black, the hat is an old hat that we covered in navy fabric and stuffed batting in to get the height, and the badge is from a costume store for $4. I bought a kids long sleeve white shirt from Hobby Lobby for $5, used tape to make wide stripes, and spray painted it black. For the money bag, I cut a big circle out of some cream cotton fabric, stuffed it with newspaper, and tied it together at the top with a rubber band. Everything else (the mustache, belt, $ on the money bag, badge on the hat, and mask) was made from felt! Felt is my new favorite fabric (if you can call it fabric). Especially since it's 4 sheets for $1 at the craft store and stays in place when sewing together. All I did was make templates for everything (see below), cut out two of each, sewed together wrong sides out, and flipped it to the right side. For the money symbol, I just made one copy and sewed it face up on the fabric (before I stuffed it of course).

Again, I want to see what you did this year! Especially kids costumes.


  1. Kallan, let me be the first to tell you that you're amazing! I am like the biggest scrooge on Halloween. Costume ideas are not my cup of tea. You are sooo creative, I LOVE YOUR COSTUMES!! I laughed my head of looking at the pictures of you and joseph. Love it! Maybe I'll do this next year since I'm too lame to think of anything good on my own. I'm not gonna lie I usually hate halloween, but it's starting to grow on me in recent years...I just haven't done anything for it yet. I'm lame, you're cool.

  2. Such cute costumes! I went the storebought route this year, so I don't feel like it's anything worth posting here on the craft blog. My husband was a sumo wrestler, my son was a monkey, and I was a baker (since I have a bun in the oven and all). Hopefully Jen will post pictures of the costumes she made for her family - they were super cute and clever!