Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Party - Malone Style!

Adam and I (above) hosted a Halloween party at our house this year. I wanted to share the costumes and some of the ideas. We got our pictures from the favorite children's book Where the Wild Things Are. I am Max in my wolf suit and Adam is a wild thing! I got the tutorials for our headdresses (i coulsn't think of a better word! hats?) here: Max, Wild Thing
Chris Brown (above)won a prize for most creative costume. He was a bacon eating robot. Kallan and Joseph (she has already posted their costumes) won best couple. Adam won best overall. It was really hard to vote because there were such great costumes.

Steve and Kalina Broadbent pulled this off nicely!
This is my little nephew - what a charming and short vampire!
My bushy tail and my witchy-witch of a sister Candace!
Megan looks Awesome!

Bosc pears with skull name tags for guests to take on their way out.
Megan Hicks made this pumpkin look easy to make - I don't know how she did it but it was AWESOME!

I did not take any photos, so I am at the mercy of Kalina (the official photographer of the evening) to share hers. She is posting them little by little as she has time to work on them here, if you want to check them out.


  1. everything looked so good and was really tasty. Those pumpkin cupcakes were REALLY good. I also liked how Chris kept getting crumbs in his bacon slot.

  2. Wow, I really missed out! Rebecca you're like the best hostess ever! Of course I've know this since I've known you. I'm so impressed! We need to talk , it's been too long!