Monday, November 30, 2009

DIY ribbon cardigan

I went to JCrew for the special prices on Black Friday and found a plain black cardigan for $20. I love their Jackie cardigans and own a few, but they are way pricey, especially the more frill they have. I generally buy them at the outlet, but they are never that cheap & usually they only carry the plain ones.

I bought the black one and about 2 yards of grosgrain ribbon and embelished mine to resemble the grosgrain ribbon cardigan they have for sale right now for $90 (the tan one above). I am really happy with it. Just a bunch of folds and knots pinned in place, and a few stitches later, voila!

I promise it looks much cuter on than in the pictures.

What kind of deals did y'all get?

Sorry about my photos - that's not an area that I can brag about.


  1. So cute, Rebecca. Nice work, once again.

    We didn't do anything Black Friday-ish. For some reason, I get really exhausted just thinking about trying to find deals, use coupons, etc. Not sure what that's about. I had to go to Micheal's on BF to get some stuff. Everyone had a coupon and I wished I had one too. But I didn't even know where to get one. I paid full price for my loot.

  2. where do you get your grosgrain? I need to find some pretty patterned grosgrain for not a lot of money.