Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Developing your fancy photos

I just wanted to share this great site for developing your photos. I heard about it from a friend who is a semiprofessional photographer who has won many awards for his photography. He has really nice equipment, as I know many of you have recently invested in some nice cameras. Well, this is the place to get them developed.
This place is great because their products are professional quality and the price is extremely cheap. You can even get all of your framing done through them as well, which is equally affordable for custom framing. You should sign up for their specials sent via email, which are pretty frequent. An example of their pricing: 8x10 = $1.99, and many times they send out the promotion for half off, etc. Also, you can print your images in many media types: wall clings, deck of cards, puzzles, greeting cards. Another perk, you can order your prints, framed items, etc. in boxes that will no where have their name on it so that the receiver is surprised until time to open. This was especially useful for me last Christmas. I got a few of Adam's prized photos printed and framed by them. When the boxes arrived, he was home to get them, but had no idea what would be inside. (Also, I had budgeted a certain amount for the picture to get framed, when I found out how cheap it was, I got to order another one of his favorites in a frame!)
This is a really affordable way to print your photos that you have taken great care to make professional and memorable. If you have invested the money in a nice camera, this site is the way to go. They even have a service that allows them to have one of their professional developers look at the photo before printing and enhance it in all the right ways. And, if this option is not free, then it doesn't cost much. I've used it a lot and can't remember paying much (if anything) for it and it is really helpful.

Anyway - in answer to your question, yes, I am getting paid for this post. JKJKJKJKJK! Ok, i'll pass the mike on . . .

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