Sunday, October 25, 2009

Giant Cupcake

I've been looking for an excuse to buy Wilton's Giant Cupcake cake pan for a while now. My niece's 4th birthday proved to be the perfect reason. She loves cupcakes, and she loves the fun girly-girl color schemes that would make the cake especially cute. I did a little bit of research online, and I found this tutorial for making a candy liner for the cupcake.

I used two Duncan Hines Devil's Food cake mixes to fill the pan - I discarded about a cup of batter, but probably could've discarded two because I ended up having to trim quite a bit off the top of the cakes once they were cooked. I started baking them at 350, but after 15 minutes or so I found some tips online that said 325 was better so I reduced the temp. I'll start at 325 next time, because I think the outer edges were a little overdone. It takes a long time to cook because it's such a deep, thick base. It ended up being in the oven for 65 minutes. I don't think I trimmed the base quite enough before putting it in the candy liner, because this morning it was cracked a little bit - I think because it was too big. But it wasn't too noticeable, and luckily held together long enough for the birthday girl to get a good look at it. I also could have used a turntable (or helper monkey!) when frosting it, because I had several breaks and crooked parts in the frosting. I used my Cricut die-cutting machine (my most favorite crafting tool!) to make the letters and flowers, then taped them to lollipop sticks and stuck them in the cake.

This picture with the water bottle helps show the scale of the cake - it really is a giant cupcake!

The birthday girl was thrilled with the results - she'd never seen anything like it. Now I'll have to think up more excuses to make this!


  1. Stacy, this is so fun! It looks perfect. What a treat for Ava!!! I'm sure she was thrilled.

  2. Seriously, you did such a good job making the cake. It looks like it is out of a magazine. I, too, have coveted that baking pan for a while, but part of the reason I don't buy it is because Im nervous that the end product (the icing, etc) will look lame. But, you make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, as well.

  3. Very cute. I'm way impressed with the candy liner. I saw a cake pan like this at bed, bath, and beyond today and thought of this post.

  4. You truly did an incredible job on this!!