Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is one I just liked the technique of using a bunch of small squares to create value.

Obviously I really liked the tree quilts.

This one is really neat. It is a Lord of the Rings quilt. The longer you look the more references you see. These picture are of the center, but there was a huge blue border filled with pieces of the book.
I know it is hard to tell from this pic (i took these with my phone) but Gollum is in the right hand corner crawling on some rocks and the men on horses are the DĂșnedain.


  1. Sweet! Was Adam with you when you saw the LOTR quilt?!?

    So, are the tree quilts really just tiny pieces of fabric sewn together? It's hard to tell from the pics, but I can't imagine how else they would be done...and I can't imagine sewing so many tiny pieces together...

  2. wow. that is really neat.

    How is that middle one sewn together? I don't see any stitches. Is it like the one you did?

  3. Simply amazing. I love them all, and the bird one especially reminds me of you.

  4. Adam did go with me one time, but we walked right past the quilt and didn't notice! He was bummed. So, creating a quilt like that to answer Jen and Kallan's ? is a ? I cannot answer! I looked and looked at it - it is definitely a LOT of tiny pieces. I could not tell how exactly they were sewn together. You could not get too close to the quilts. However, the one I was able to get closest too, upon leaning over the rope as far as I could, I could barely see a hint of some kind of mesh layer atop. It was something like tulle. I think they must have glued it down, each tiny piece, then put this tulle-like layer on top and then quilted. That is my best guess. However they did it, it is a skill beyond me.