Saturday, September 19, 2009

About us

Alright ladies...I think we need a little ice-breaker, here. I know only 2 and a half of you (Stacy, Rebecca, and sort of Candace because we've met a few times). But let's all get cozy, shall we? I propose (and am totally open to suggestions on this) that we start a little post here where we can each go in and add information about ourselves. That way, we can link to it on the sidebar for any future newcomers and in the meantime those of us authors can know our immediate audience a little better. What say you?

I'll wait for your comments of enthusiasm or disgust before I proceed to post details about myself...


  1. Im on board! And if any of you aren't I will write a bio for you ;)

  2. Consider this a comment of enthusiasm. :) I'd like to get to know my fellow bloggers a bit before I start posting!

  3. rebecca maybe you should write mine, I don't know what I would say...