Saturday, September 19, 2009

Anyone Interested?

My Martha Stewart Living Magazine subscription is almost up. I can renew it and give a year subscription to someone else for $24. If anyone is interested, we could split it for $12 each. That's the best deal for a year subscription I've seen. If you are interested just comment on this post.


  1. So, maybe everyone else is like me and they aren't speaking up because they're thinking "Oh, I should let someone else have that."

    But no one is speaking up.

    Becca - I'd get in on that with you unless
    1) you've already made some deal offline
    2) someone else will be sad, or
    3) people will think I'm selfish for getting in on this.

    I'm not sure if you can really do anything about #3...but...anyway, I'm putting my interest out there. :)

  2. Perfect! I'll send in the paperwork. Its a steal-of-a-deal!