Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My favorite wall

When I was deciding on where to start so that you can kind of get to know a little about me, I decided on posting about my favorite craft/art form, photography. I LOVE taking pictures and have loved it since I was a pre-teen. I always kind of thought I had a good eye for it. Growing up my mother often complimented me on my photos, but she could have just been humoring me like a good mother should. She also loved photos, but mostly of embarrassing childhood shots of me naked or with my finger up my nose that she loved to show to my friends and boyfriends. Now that I have a semi-nice camera and an okay photo-editing program, that love has become an addiction. I bring my camera wherever I go and I’m always trying to learn more and more about photography. So, if you know a lot about cameras, lighting, editing, etc. please teach me. I am for sure an amateur.

*I took that pic on the bike trails at memorial park

As of yesterday, my favorite photos have just been sitting in a box or still on the computer. I made myself go to thrift stores and buy cheap frames (only $2.00 each and I got some pretty ones!) or get them half off at Hobby Lobby, put pictures in them, and put them up on my "proud of my pretty pictures" wall. I wake up every morning to see my favorite photos! This is so easy to do and all the different colors and shapes will brighten up the room (especially if you live in an apartment with ugly white walls like me). The floral print frame is a $2.00 plain wooden frame that I wrapped in a floral chiffon fabric. This is not a new concept, nor is it the most fancy of designs, but it just feels good to create something and display it. As I get more frames/pics/artwork, I will add to the wall. The possibilities are endless...

p.s. Please don't look at my ugly comforter that my husband refuses to get rid of.


  1. Kallan, you're hilarious. I love the sidenote about the comforter. ha. Oh joseph, he's lovely. I LOVE your pictures and frames, wish I was there to see them in person. Goll, I miss you!

  2. Kallan!! I cant believe you covered that frame in that beautiful fabric!!! You must teach me how to do that! Im coming over so you can show me all about it!!

  3. I think it is awesome that you are taking pictures out of a box or off your computer and actually displaying them. We take so many photos these days, but seem to have such a harder time enjoying them! You're inspiring me to get my walls painted so that we can hang up our photos.

    And that is a lovely shot of those trees - the colors are so vibrant and pretty.