Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday Craft Part 2

I am wanting to make some ornaments for our Christmas tree, and yesterday got started on some ideas. I LOVE this etsy shop and I tried my hand at her style with the little whale (I think he is so cute!). And here is a tutorial for a bird ornament I like. I did not use it for mine, but it is a good source for inspiration. I just drew up each shape, cut out two peices of it from contrasting fabric, sewed, stuffed, and finished it off by hand. For the whale, however, I did some hand embroidery. I just drew it on with pencil and then went to work. In A Minute Ago is a great site that has a dictionary with images of all the hand embroidery techniques. This is how I learned. If you want to try your hand at it, and perhaps haven't done it before (I'm not trying to be patronizing about it, for all I know, you are all pros), buy some batting, I used the craft size. You need to cut it the same size as the piece of fabric you are embroidering on. Place it behind the fabric, and put them in your embroidery hoop and get to work. This keeps all the thread from showing through. After you are done with the hand embroidery, cut out the image (in my case, the whale) place it with the back piece of fabric, and then get to the sewing.
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  1. These are all super cute! The whale is my favorite. You make it all sound so easy. :) Did the whole batch take very long for you to make?

  2. I love the ornaments! I actually bought a patchwork birdy one last christmas from Anthro. Yours are just as cute and a lot less expensive im sure!

  3. rebecca I need you here to get me goin. Girl, I LOVE the whale. I have been wanting to learn how to embroider forever, I must start!