Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've got class

Last Friday, my mom and I stumbled on a wonderful quilt shop. We spent 3 hours there last week, just browsing fabric and patterns and feeling like we could solve all the world's problems if we could just get to our sewing machines fast enough.

But the funny thing is, we're novices. In fact, my mom's sewing machine has only come out of the box because I used it one time. And I can't seem to finish any sewing project I start because I get stuck on some how-to detail.

Lucky for us, this quilt shop was going to be having an open house this weekend to kick-off their next round of classes. So, mom and I went back today to sign up (and to try, once again, to hold ourselves back from buying one of everything). I signed up for a 6-week beginners patchwork and quilting course, beginning rotary cutting, intro to machine quilting, intro to hand quilting (what can I say...I want it all), a class for making a Christmas tree skirt, and there are a few other courses I circled that I might just sign up for once I see how for I can get with these few. It's probably a lot to start with. But, I'm excited. For those of you who may not be familiar with this kind of thing (I certainly wasn't), every course mentioned, aside from the 6-week course, is just one evening or block of time on a Saturday. And, a few of these my mom and I will do together. Sweet.

So, stay tuned! I'm going to be learning lots of new skillz and I will dazzle you all with the fun things I learn. I'm hoping that at the very least, these classes give me more confidence with sewing, not just quilting, and that I learn skills that will allow me to be a more fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants crafter...because for right now, I'm pretty much tied to patterns and step-by-step, could-you-please-show-me-a-picture-of-what-you-mean instructions.

Oh, and, for those of you who might be in Utah (ARE any of you in Utah?!?) the quilt shop is called Quilt, Etc and is on 8700-ish South State St. You should go there. After 5 minutes browsing there, I swore off Joanne's as my fabric resource. Hallelujah. And, if any of you ARE in Utah and are interested in taking a course - sign up! Maybe I'll see you there!


  1. Girl - this is soooo awesome!! I am so jealous/excited for you!! I cant wait to see what wonders will emerge from these creative-powered Saturdays!! I wish I was there with you. I personally dislike JoAnn's as well - and wish I had a cheaper option. And cool classes to attend. The only classes I have found so far were either way too expensive for something so simple, or the youngest person in there was double my age and they were making air fresheners for your shoes - yuck.

  2. Aaahhh, I wish I lived closer to you guys!! I want to take classes. I need to learn how to use the sewing machine I was so excited to buy over two years ago that still has not been used. :-P

    Rebecca, I had to laugh at the shoe air freshener craft - is that a true story??

  3. Stacy - yes, it is true! :)HA! It is rather funny, but very deflating when I bounded in ready to learn some skills and make some neat stuff. When I heard what we were making, the smile on my face turned a little sour and my nose scrunched up in a fake smile/i just smelled something really bad face.