Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great Fabric Site

So I finally found this really great fabric shop online. I always hear of people buying fabric online but I could never find a site that had cheap prices and cool prints that would make it worth it. That is until I found Sew, Mama, Sew! I was in heaven! I have this huge crush on Alexander Henry fabric right now, as well as far, far away. They carry a great selection of both, with the best prices you can find online. Their Sale and their Clearance selections are great. I bought I ton in both. It might only be worth it if you are buying a lot because shipping can be kind of expensive. I have this really bad habit of just browsing through the different prints over and over, drooling all the while. Many of you know my obsession with unicorns, right? Well, I wiped out their supply of that fancy little unicorn pattern above! I think I might make some pajama pants out of it, and a Christmas ornament or two.


  1. What a fun site. I love the holiday collection, especially the Figgy Pudding fat quarter pack. Luckily it's out of stock, otherwise I might be tempted to get it even though I have no use for it other than to admire the patterns! I'm a patterned paper junkie myself - I guess it would be the papercrafter's equivalent to what you described.

  2. I love the unicorn print. That is awesome. And so you.

    Mmmmm, fabric.

    hey, here's a question. So I just learned last week what charm squares, jelly rolls, layer cakes, etc are. And I know what fat quarters LOOK like. But what do you DO with them??!!?? Just use them for whatever you want? What dimensions are they? a quarter of a yard? And what makes them fat?? Maybe this should be a separate post altogether...