Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fondant is easy!

Fondant always seemed to be really hard to make and not very tasty, but I always loved how it looked. Recently, my sister-in-law’s and I decided to take it on and try our luck at making/decorating with the seemingly difficult icing. It turned out much better than expected. We each made our own cakes for the base and coordinated different colors so that we all didn’t show up with the same color.

It's not the prettiest cake, but it was tasssssttttty. I used an "R" for my last name. That other thing is supposed to be a flower...

One word to describe homemade fondant: messy. I used this recipe which calls for marshmallows and it was delicious but messy. Here are a few tips that I found would have been helpful to know when I was making fondant:

1. They aren’t exaggerating in the ingredients list when they say to GENEROUSLY grease your hands and the counter your working on. This stuff gets really sticky so keep the grease handy and don’t be afraid to use a lot.
2. Knead it a lot. I thought I kneaded it enough because it looked smooth, but when I started rolling it out, it had some air pockets from tiny balls of powdered sugar I didn’t see before.
3. Make sure you have someone with clean hands available who can hand you things.
4. The recipe says you brush it with water to get the fondant to stick to the cake, but I used my favorite icing (recipe below) and it worked great, tasted great, and kept the fondant moist.

My mother’s icing recipe:
-soften half a stick of butter and mix with 2 cups powdered sugar
-add 2 tbsp milk and 1 tsp vanilla extract (you may want to add more/less milk depending on your desired consistency)

Tell me how it goes!

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  1. Thanks for the How-to! I have always wanted to try fondant - i just needs the guts and an occasion.

    Ps.to everyone - I was lucky enough to taste this cake and it was delish! I had TWO peices even. everything was very tastey, so Im sure if you follow her recipe you'll have a cake that looks good and taste good, too.