Friday, September 25, 2009

Who doesn't need more kitchen magnets?

I hope you aren’t getting sick of all these posts in a row. I twisted my ankle a few days ago and have been confined mostly to my one bedroom apartment, so time is something I have a lot of.

Here is an easy and practical craft that takes about 10 minutes to complete. Also, it's yet another way to display photos that you've taken and to use up scraps of fabric you don't want to throw away.

I got these tags that were supposed to be used for scrapbooking for a few cents. Then I tore the paper out of them and used the metal ring to trace a circle out of a picture/fabric scrap. Next, I cut out the circle, hot glued it on, and stuck a magnet on the back and I was done. Who couldn’t use more kitchen magnets? If you want to do this or some variation of this, make sure to use a big magnet (like a magnet the size of the ring) because I used small ones at first and they do not hold up most paper very well.


  1. What a cute and clever idea! I have a bunch of these tags, more than I'd ever use for papercrafting, so this would be a great way to use them up.

    Hope your ankle feels better soon!

  2. I really like how these turned out. Great idea. They would be a great idea for this contest on They are asking for tutorial on projects that use left over scraps. Every entry will be featured on their website throughout October and 3 winners will be chosen to recieve $50 in gift certificates. YOU SHOULD DO IT! Go here:

    If anyone else has any ideas go there, too!

  3. and it's YOU that sprained your ankle? Duh Kallan, I had no idea that KRhea was you, sorry. I really hope your ankle feels better soon!