Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Glass Beads & Grosgrain

So, for a while j crew has been selling necklaces like this for a very high price. But, for under $5 you can make your own, thanks to the guidance of Martha Stewart. Here is her tutorial on how to make them The instructions call for jade beads, at $21 for 25. Instead, I bought my beads from Fusion Beads which is where she recommends you buy the beading cord. I bought 2 pkg. of the glass beads in size 8, the largest size they come in (while the tutorial calls for size 16). Adjust the size of cord you need accordingly. Fusion Beads is great because it is always free shipping, and you get a free gift with your first purchase. The total I spent was approxamately $5. Getting nearly constant compliments on it? Priceless!
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  1. Funny, I was just thinking about this blog right before I sat down and wondering if you had decided about the banner! I guess so!
    I love the necklace. I have really been wanting to wear more jewelry lately, so this might be my answer. Or are you going to be selling them :)

  2. Oh how I miss you. love the necklace, but am I allowed to request a picture of you wearing it. That will make it easier to decide if I must have one.

  3. I can totally see this on you, Becca. I love it!

  4. I love this sister...I want to make one. I'm gon' call you 'bout it mmkaayyy??