Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling shy, are we? this thing on? Ok, so only 3 of us have posted on the "about the authors" post. I spend some time thinking about why this might be...

1) you haven't posted anything crafty yet so don't feel like you've earned your authorship rights.

You would be wrong about this.

2) you don't want to share ANY information about yourself with the world (or fellow authors).

I can maybe understand this, but...there's NOTHING you can tell us?!? Not even that you like to scrapbook or doodle wildflowers during work meetings or long phone calls?!?

3) you haven't gotten around to it yet.

This I can also maybe understand. Life is busy. But I promise it doesn't take long and it doesn't have to be poetic or even very long. Here's a template:
My name is _____ and I live in ______, USA. I like to _____, _____, and _____.

4) You're feeling shy and/or modest about what to say about yourself.

See template above. And then remember that you were invited here because Rebecca or I know that you've got talent. And we like you.

Please share with us! I don't know most of you, but would love to at least know where you are and what you do...and anything else you'd be willing to tell!

Otherwise, happy Monday!


  1. Hey Jen, I left my bio, finally, in the comment section of the original bio post. Sorry it took so long.

  2. Thanks Talane! No worries. It's actually not that long at all. I think I just spend more time online than any human being should and I was anxious to hear about everyone else.

    So, my sister and I used to live in West Chester, also a suburb of Philly. I've never heard of the town you mentioned, but maybe you've heard of ours. I'm jealous of the fall you are or are going to have out there. I loooove all those Pennsylvania trees.