Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Favorite Book

A wonderful (and incredibly talented and crafty) friend of mine recommended the following book to me when I told her I wanted to teach myself to sew:

I love this book. Do I sound like I'm on Reading Rainbow? Really, though, this book not only has wonderful pictures that will inspire you to get your hands on some fabric and start creating, it also is broken down into chapters based on the amount of time each project takes to complete. Directions are simple and straightforward - easy for a beginner. And one of the best secrets of this book, for me so far, is the little technique she teaches for "quilting" a simple blanket. It is an alternative to doing any major quilting or doing something like tying, which, let's face it, is sometimes (and for me, usually) not the look you want.. I have used the technique on several projects and am so happy with it.

Here's a sampling of a couple of things I have made from this book. Peanut the Elephant and a super-easy baby blanket. These two below were made for my niece, Aspen Kate, before she was born (also, photos were taken with my previous and crappy they kinda suck). They were 2 of my very first sewing creations. I have since made each one again (and the baby blanket has been made again and again) using different fabrics and wielding a little more confidence than this documented first attempt.

This book has been inspirational for me, as I've started on the path of sewing. What things have inspired you???


  1. Love that elephant, Jen. We love Ben's version of it as well - it has a proud place next to a frog and monkey on his bookshelf. :)

    As far as inspiration, I find it all over the place. Magazines, blogs, wandering the aisles at craft stores, looking at my own massive stash of supplies, etc. Ideas aren't my problem - it's the execution where I get stalled out. Hopefully this blog will encourage me to think a little less and actually DO a lot more!

  2. The elephant is SO cute! I love its big head!!

  3. yesss...darling elephant!!! looks fun to make.

  4. Thank for the compliments on Peanut (the purple version). He/She's pretty fun to make. You could do it in an afternoon if you didn't have a baby, ADHD, a hungry husband, or pesky friends and family who want your attention. :)

  5. I would love to get this book. (Sigh) one thing at a time . . .